Swiss Club of South Australia Inc.
PO Box 770
North Adelaide SA 5006
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Club Events
Samichlaus 07/12
Movie German Club 16/11
Bee Talk 9/11
Kuitpo Forest 26/10
AGM 2014 17/10
Bushwalk 31/8
National Day Celeb 2/8
1. August Luncheon 1/8
Meet & Greet 18/7
Jass Champs. 8/6
Meet & Greet 9/5
Fondue Night 3/5
Easter Mon. Picnic 21/4
Movie Night 14/3
Camp Weekend 14/02
Christmas 8/12
AGM 2013 01/11
Kuitpo Forest 27/10
Bushwalk 22/09
Member Forum 13/09
1. August 04/08
Luncheon 01/08
Fondue Night 01/06
Bike ride 05/05
Sächsilüüte Jass 15/04
Camp Weekend 03/02
Australia Day Parade
Christmas 09/12
Kuitpo Forest 28/10
AGM 12/10
Bushwalk 09/09
1. August, 04/08
Xmas in July 14/07
Steam train ride 03/06
Fondue Night, 26/05
Film Festival 01/05
Club Movie Night, 24/02
Camp Weekend,03/02
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Welcome to the Swiss Club of SA
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Updates on events are currently only available in the Swiss Express (sent out to Members) or via the Club's Facebook group We apologise for any inconvenience.

Welcome to the Swiss Club of South Australia!

The Swiss Club of SA was founded in 1966 and has currently about 90 members. We organise many events throughout the year like a big Fondue Night, the National Day Celebration and a 'Samichlaus-Picknick'. These events are advertised in the 'Swiss Express', our news magazine, which is printed 4 - 5 times a year, and on this website.

The get-togethers and functions are organised at a variety of venues. However, the Swiss Club holds many functions at the Austrian Club House.

As the Swiss club is a community group, your involvement and feedback helps us improve and evolve the club life and the events!
Feel free to send us your requests or comments to