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Swiss in Asia:
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 3   3 ich bin zwar schon auf der Liste, meine e-mail adresse hat jedoch geaendert.
Ich vermiete moeblierte Zimmer und Wohnungen in Tokyo. Vielleicht nuetzlich
fuer junge Leute, die Japan besuchen moechten und eine guenstige Unterkunf brauchen. (s. Homepage) Beatrice Ito-Kuster, Tokyo ich bin zwar schon auf der >>>
     Tokyo Christian Sommer Tokyo Wir betreiben ein kleines aber sehr schmuckes, gemütliches Bungalow Resort
in Dalupiri N / Samar Philippines und würden uns freuen, Sie im Octopussy begrüssen zu dürfen. Reservation via H-Page erforderlich. Daniel & Ellita Meier   Duerr Heiny, Hong Kong
 www.experiencebhutan.comin Welcome to Bhutan, land of the thunder dragon and have lifetime experience. Experience Bhutan Travel Welcome to Bhutan, land of the >>> Ich suche Kontakt weltweit mit sämtlichen Schweizer Clubs im Ausland, da ich einen neuen Text verfasst habe für unsere Natkionalhymne Trittst im Morgenrot daher.... Mein Text zur gleichen Melodie lautet: Meine Schweiz, mein Heimatland, mein geliebtes Vaterland.... SIe können diesen neuen Text lesen und hören in der homepage sowie Können Sie mir behilflich sein und mir die Adressen und e-maikls von möglichst vielen Clubs zu mailen. Vielen Dank im voraus, George Meister, Lachen/SZ George Meister   Juerg Schmid, Hong Kong Luxuriöse Privatvillen auf Bali, Home away from home in Paradise Karin Vogt, Bali   Markus Hueter, Malaysia   Pedro Garcia, Malaysia   Peter Wirth, Thailand   Schweizer Club Istanbul Please be informed that the Swiss Association of Singapore was founded , as an independent Association, on August 18, 2006.  the official registration was granted by the Registry of Societies in Singapore on November 25, 2006. With the registration formalities completed the Swiss Association is now in a position to become active. 
We would be happy to list your Club on our webpage as a reference for our members, please let us know if you agree, we of course would very much appreciate if you could list our webpage accordingly.
Members of your Association passing through Singapore are most welcome to join events organized by the Swiss Association of Singapore.

Swiss Association of Singapore Please be informed that >>> On this website, you will find a wealth of useful information of interest to Malaysian and Swiss companies which are actively involved in promoting trade and investments between the two countries. Swiss Club Malaysia On this website, you will find a >>> Ever since Swiss Nationals have enjoyed the hospitality of Shanghai it has been their aim to strengthen the relationship between the People of China and Switzerland Swiss Club Shanghai Ever since Swiss Nationals have >>> Our site provides information about the club, becoming a member and business opportunities. Furthermore youll find the latest edition of the Swiss Club News magazine with the latest news. Swiss Club Singapore Our site provides information >>> It started all in June 1974, when some Swiss Embassy staff members invited thelocal Swiss community to a garden party at the old embassy... SWISS CLUB TOKYO It started all in June 1974, when some >>> The Swiss Association of Singapore is an independent yet complementary Swiss organization in Singapore. It is not affiliated with the Swiss Club and it has no facilities. Its activities are organized by the Committee and the venues of each event are selected based on the nature of the function.
The Swiss Association of Singapore The Swiss >>>   UniGroup Worldwide International Movers Suisse à Wuhan Yvan 

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