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1 August GC 30/07
Buderim Lunch 4 June 17
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Baerg-Roeseli News August 2017
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Dear friends of the choir,
Dear friends of the choir,
We are taking a well deserved short break from rehearsals since we had three performances in a row at Buderim, the French Festival and Swiss National Day. They were all well received and I would like to thank my members for their commitment and friendship. Several singers performed even though they were sick.
Several months ago our two accordion players showed us a piece that they were working on and it was easy to build our program for this year’s performances around it. The pretty piece “Mir fahred mit der SBB” (we travel with the Swiss Train) combines Swiss accordions, singing, yodelling and an accordion solo. It took only minutes to merge our 30th anniversary theme ‘mountains’ and the travel song to take our audience on a journey through Switzerland up to the mountains. Someone had the idea to use the brooms as props for a locomotive and a childhood train whistle was organised from Switzerland. Although the original text of SBB was in German, it was adapted to Swiss German for our needs. The theme was ‘mountains’ because of our namesake song “Bärgröseli”, after which the choir was named. “Berg” means “mountain” so we took some songs we already knew like Bergbach, Bergandacht and added “La Montanara”, our new Italian mountain love song, probably the most tricky song we’ve ever had in our repertoire. We performed this SBB program in Buderim and a longer version with a much bigger audience on the Swiss National Day with great success! I would like to thank Willy and Peter, our last two remaining original members of the choir for always coming up with great new ideas and get the pieces ready.
We had several inquiries from potential members and are excited to see if our choir will grow.

Kind regards,

Katja Wallimann Gates